The Board of Directors


Benji Loomer

Executive Committee
Education / Families Committee
Strategic Planning Team

Me, myself and I grew up in the small Jewish community of Edmonton, Alberta. I have lived in Montreal since 2003. I am a high school teacher, currently working with Quebec’s English school boards to develop a network of community schools. How good and how pleasant is it for us to do Jewish in our own neighbourhood. To have the spiritual, learning opportunities and communal fun right within walking distance. Driving around can be such a drag. Especially parking. Feh.

Daniel Seligman

I have a degree in religious studies from McGill University, which is where I first met our spiritual leader Rachel Kronick, back in the 1990s, and i have been involved with MECh in one way or another since it began over 10 years ago. I am deeply connected to the Montreal cultural and music scene and I am eager to use my experience in organizing events and working within the diverse landscape of the Montreal arts scene towards helping MECh continue to grow as an important community institution in Montreal.

Dan is a music manager, most notably  for Jewish hip hop wizard Socalled. He is a co-founder of the POP Montreal Music Festival and is the festival’s creative director

Eva Margo Dermer

Executive Committee
Communications Committee

I grew up in Ottawa in a family of active Chavurah-goers and am so glad to have joined MECh. I first attended Shabbat in the Park last summer and immediately felt very at home. Jewish community engagement has always been an important part of my life, so I am thrilled to have found such a welcoming group and have so enjoyed getting to know our community over the past year. Over the next two years, I look forward to contributing ideas, helping plan events and engaging with members to contribute to MECh’s growth as a diverse and inclusive community.

 Eva is currently completing her master’s in health systems research and will begin medical school in August 2020. She is an avid downhill skier and instructor, houseplant enthusiast and rarely goes more than 2 days without calling her grandma.



Mindy Stricke

Education & Families Committee

I’m a new Montréaler who is thrilled to be here and become a part of the leadership of Mile End Chavurah. I’ve always been drawn to vibrant Jewish communities that are open, warm, experimental, and willing to ask questions about what it means to be Jewish and how we make it engaging and relevant to our lives. I’m excited to be a part of this one now and to help build and grow it.

Mindy is a photographer and socially engaged artist. Check out her website at

Yaakov Stern

Executive Committee
Shabbat Committee

I arrived in Montreal over a decade ago as a student, and my discovery of amazing Jewish communities like the Chavurah that uphold the values and energy I was surrounded by growing up has been among the true gems of my experience here. I have progressively become more involved with the Chavurah over the past four years and am excited to be joining the Board of Directors! I look forward to expanding Shabbat and other event planning, and working to make sure we address our diverse community’s needs in our approach to Jewish life in Mile End.

Yaakov is a graduate student in biochemistry, an American expat and an enthusiastic hiker when not socially distancing.


Board Alumni

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