The J.E.D.I. B~Mitzvah program

Registration for the 2023-24 school year is now open!

If you have a child who has participated in the JEDI program and/or who is ready for their B~Mitzvah journey, this program is for you!

The JEDI-B program will take your child on an amazing journey that will culminate in a community-wide group B~Mitzvah.

A small cohort of young Chavurahniks will gather weekly to learn about Judaism, explore and build their Jewish identities, and prepare for their B~Mitzvahs.

The group will learn in the classroom, but will also take field trips, do social justice work, and will prepare to read from the Torah.

Classes will be held on a weekly basis by a Mile End Chavurah educator and a special tutor for leyning Torah, as well as special guest teachers!

The program will culminate in the spring of 2024 with a special group B~Mitzvah event, where the kids, their families, and the community can celebrate this special moment.


Contact us for details of if you have any questions.