Welcome to the Mile End Chavurah Photo Scavenger Hunt!


(Click here for a quick link to participate, or scroll to the bottom)

 Your mission is to collect interesting and creative Chanukah themed images throughout your neighbourhood. Together, all of the photos we take will be variations on the same theme, so it will be fun when we see them all together.


The deadline is Thursday evening, December 17 at 8:30pm, the last night of Chanukah.


Rules and instructions:

  • Submit one photo for each item on the list.
    Remember to be creative, both in how your interpret some of the items, and also the style in which you photograph it. Don’t just take a snapshot, play within the frame.
    Think about shooting each photo from an interesting or different perspective. Look at colour, shape, texture, light, and contrast. Feel free to break traditional photo rules— you can utilize blur and movement or shoot something close up. The techniques and options are endless. Surprise us by taking something familiar and making it look a little unfamiliar.
  • The photos should be taken outside, not in your house. The fun is in wandering around and taking the photos while you explore the neighbourhood. But if you really try and can’t find something and you have it at home, you can photograph it there.

The List:

  • The number ‘8’
  • Something or someone spinning (like a dreidel)
  • A chanukiah (but not the one in your house)
  • Oil
  • A light source at night
  • One of the Hebrew letters on the dreidel: Nun, Gimel, Hey or Shin
  • Something blue
  • A gold object
  • Something we eat during Chanukah
  • People laughing and having fun




Uploading your photos:

We’ve set up a collaborative Google Photo Album to share our photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CKTnwzMAMzt4uv6M6


You can only participate and upload photos by filling in the form below. Make sure to label each photo with your name and which # item it is.


Send us an email when you’ve completed your mission, and we’ll give you details about how to collect your prize on Thursday night between 6:30-8:30pm.