Community Passover Seder 2018

Thank you for choosing to celebrate Passover with us, your Chavurah family.
We are looking forward to eating together as one big family, singing together as one big family, and schmoozing together as one big family. We are also looking forward to prepping, schlepping, and cleaning as one big, cooperative, loving, task-sharing family.

In preparation, we have our own list of 4 Passover questions for you to consider:

Question #1: How will I participate in this Seder night?

Mile End Chavurah is a lay-led effort, which means that just like at a family Seder, everyone participates!
Can you sing? We'd love you to lead us in a song!
Not so musical? Then you can lead any section you wish. The Seder if full of sections -  from karpas to the 4th cup!
Click here to see the various parts of our Seder and then email us to discuss what part you - or someone in your family/group - would like to lead.

QUESTION #2: What if I want to come to the Seder but don't want to lead a part?

There are many, many other Seder-related tasks, and therefore many, many other ways to pitch in.
We will need help setting up in the afternoon, greeting people, getting things done during the Seder itself, and cleaning up afterwards.
We will also need help on the days before and after the Seder.
Email us to offer your help.

Question #3: How can I officially register and pay my share - and are there any promotional specials?

The Seder is a costly endeavour, so we ask each adult to contribute $15.
That is the official Early Bird Special price! At the stroke of noon on Tuesday, March 27th, the ticket price will become $20.
You can pay via Paypal by clicking here or sending an Interac payment to or you can email us to arrange dropping off your payment.
Completing your payment is considered as your official registration.


We really only had 3 questions, but we're trying to stay on theme. You are free to go now, just like we were so many years ago, and this time it didn't take 10 plagues!


See you at the Seder!