Shabbat is the cornerstone of the Mile End Chavurah.

There are many different ways to welcome and celebrate Shabbat, and we like them all!

“Grand Shabbat”
This is part of our “big” Shabbat experience. These events will often be held at rented halls or caf├ęs and feature a full musical Kabbalat Shabbat service. The service will be followed by a potluck meal, and then people are welcome to stick around to sing, tell stories, or just schmooze. All are welcome.

“Petit Shabbat”
These are more intimate, customized Shabbat experiences, hosted in the home of one of our community members. Songs, prayers, and rituals from our “grand” Shabbats might be sung in this context as well, but each host will have the freedom to create the personalized Shabbat experience that feels right for them.
Would you like to host a Shabbat? See below…

Saturday Morning Shabbat
As often as we can, Mile End Chavurah offers a Saturday morning service with Torah reading and various programming. Or, we might offer yoga and torah discussion in an outdoor setting. Subscribe to our weekly e-bulletin to find out more!

We are looking for Shabbat hosts
Our “Petit Shabbat” series is looking for hosts to welcome people into their homes on Friday evenings. Hosts can choose to lead a service on their own or ask us to provide a ritual leader. You can collaborate with us to co-lead parts of the service, or you can host an evening potluck dinner and simply recite the Shabbat blessings, or host a discussion. Our Shabbat committee will be happy to go over the options with you in an effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

We are looking for people to lead services
As a lay led community, we are looking for people to lead or co-lead Friday evening services in various settings. If you know how to – great! If you don’t feel 100% confident but still want to give it a try, we can teach you.

Please contact to volunteer your home for a Shabbat or to offer your skills as a leader.