High Holy Days 2021/5782     Volunteer

Because we are a community-led, grassroots organization, we need YOUR HELP to make these High Holy Days a success. No task is too small (or too big!).

We need people for the following tasks:

  • Being a Zoom helper from your home (muting/unmuting, registration, etc)
  • in-person camera operator
  • on site ushers during services
  • delivering / moving equipment
  • cooking / preparing food for service leaders
  • miscellaneous tasks

Our hard-working Board members attend monthly meetings and do so much throughout the year, so let’s give them a break. There are many volunteer opportunities, so please do not hesitate to step right up and pitch in!

To volunteer for a specific day or task, please email contact@mileendchavurah.org.

Have a look at the schedule!