Mishebeirach for Israel and Palestine


Delivered by Rachel K, at Shabbat services on May 22, 2021

We turn now to our prayers for healing.
We turn to healing only a few short hours after the bloodshed in Israel and Palestine has, we hope, ceased.
We turn to healing now, after witnessing again, the relentless repetition of transgenerational trauma between our two peoples;
The instrumentalization of a victim stance—used by both sides—to justify the unjustifiable taking of lives.

Each of us has a name. Each of us.
Each of the 230 Palestinians killed has a name.
Each of the 12 Israelis.
The 65 Palestinian children have names and have left behind grieving or dead parents.
The 2 children in Israel killed by rockets have names and parents.

We pray for healing for the children of Avraham and Ishmael.
We pray for the restoration of clean drinking water in Gaza that has been wiped out for a quarter million people, along with 6 hospitals, and their only Coronavirus testing laboratory.

We pray that violent extremism, in all its from—perpetrated by the state, by religious fundamentalists on both sides—gives way to acknowledgement of the sanctity of all lives—Muslim, Jewish, Arab. And we pray and insist that the right to security, to land, to peace is not a right for one people at the cost of the other.

And we pray that we may listen to each other, even though this pain sparks polarization, paranoia and real Islamophobia and anti-Semitism that we are now witnessing on our own streets.

Let justice be a mighty stream bringing humanity, security, life and blessing to the people of Palestine and Israel.